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The purpose of our website is to provide a single source location for buyers to gather information about business aircraft that might be of interest to them.

Keeping you informed.

If you are not happy with our meticulously collected information, please send us your written cancellation, or call within 10 business days from starting our service.  Nothing Will Be Due!    

Let's cut to the chase… together with our business associates at Jetnet and the research service we offer, you will be informed and ready to act when business dictates all is go.  We are not offering a broker service.  A small monthly charge, about the same as a mid-level flight ops employee in your department is our only fee.  Use us month to month, or more, as it suits your requirements.

No longer is there a need to get bogged down chasing planes, like those talked about above, that are said to be for sale, or up to ones skivvies, talking to everybody and their brother while looking for the right deal!  We can help you avoid all those traps as you explore your options… and the best part, it’s not expensive!
As professional aviators, none of us would make a flight without taking a serious look at enroute and terminal weather, filing a flight plan, etc… likewise, when planning to add aircraft to our flight operation all of us would want to take a close look at what’s available, what has been sold, daily trading activity and so forth.  But, the question is, do you have time do this detailed, time consuming work and manage your flight department at the same time.  When the answer to this question is "NO", perhaps we can help as a staff consultant on a temporary, as needed basis. 
We believe our service has the potential to save your operation tens of thousands of dollars or more, and our timely, detailed data will protect your six!

When considering previously owned aircraft for flight operations, there are several resources that can be viewed and monitored to find the plane that best fits your company, but this often takes a fair amount of time.  Some managers don’t have time to do this detailed, time consuming work and in those instances may rely on others to get the information needed.  This can prove to be an expensive option.

Welcome to our unique business aircraft resource, dedicated to owners, operators and those planning to own.